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The damaged barrier looks here, and the repair strategy is given to you

2022-09-16 06:33:16

Jimei should often hear the word skin barrier, today we will meet it together!

Jimei should often hear the word skin barrier, today we will meet it together!!

What is the skin barrier?

We can understand it as a "brick wall structure", the outermost "wall skin" of the brick is the sebaceous membrane, which is composed of secretions of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, epidermal metabolites, inorganic salts, etc., and the PH value is weakly acidic."Brick" refers to keratinocytes, and "cement" refers to intercellular lipids, mainly including ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids and so on.


The main role is to resist the invasion and irritation of external microorganisms, lock in water and moisturize.

How does the skin barrier manifest?

If the barrier is damaged, it is common to present with dryness and peeling, which is prone to redness, itching, tingling, and burning sensation.The skin is greasy and acney, with long closed acne.


(1) Ultraviolet rays are the "sky number killer" of the skin, resulting in tanning, redness, peeling, and aging.

② 频繁去角质,导致角质层变薄更易受到外界刺激,变得敏感

Apply mask every day leading to excessive skin hydration, frequent blind brush acid superimposed use of skin care products will also lead to damage to the skin barrier oh! !

④ 熬夜通宵、焦虑压力、吸烟等不良生活习惯影响。


1. 一年四季都要做好防晒,硬防晒和软防晒结合

2. Don't exfoliate or over-clean, use gentle cleansers and makeup removers

3. Streamline skin care, do a good job moisturizing, according to the needs of functional products

4. Develop a regular routine and quit bad habits.