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Whether it turns out or not, I will continue to work hard 💪

2022-09-16 06:32:21

Finally, in terms of honors, because I was still more greedy when I first came to college, I participated in a lot of activities and competitions, so I achieved some small results, and many of the achievements in my studies were achieved by calming down and studying hard during my sophomore year.

Dear judges and teachers, my name is xxx, I am a student of the Internet Finance Class 191 of the School of Digital Economy, and serve as the entertainment committee member of the class.I believe that I meet the criteria for the selection of outstanding students in all aspects, so I apply for this national scholarship.

My campaign manifesto is: The road knows the horsepower, and the results are seen over time.

Next, I will introduce myself to the judges and teachers from five aspects.


Then, in terms of study, I got a single scholarship in the first two semesters of college. In the second semester of college, I got a school-level second-class award and a school-level first-class award, respectively, the progress of the scholarship shows that I am making progress in my studies.


Next is the life aspect, in the school these years, I actively participate in the social practice work, in the usual holiday and roommate together part-time, has accumulated a certain amount of social work experience. I am also very keen to do volunteer, freshman joined the Volunteer Branch, participated in a lot of volunteer activities, the following is a volunteer activities I participated in the certificate.



Tomorrow Afternoon is the powerpoint presentation of the application for the national award online. I am extremely nervous, but actually I am not so nervous after knowing that it is an online presentation and not an offline speech. Haha, it is fine online. My hands will tremble when I am offline, it's been a long time since I gave a speech on stage (/ω)