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How to check the nucleic acid sampling results? What if I don't have a smartphone? Look here

2022-09-16 06:31:11





Method 1:

Query by scanning the code through the sweeping city

When the passers-by scan the Yangcheng code, click "Personal Travel Registration" and view it in the "Nucleic Acid Report"

Display: Name, ID number, sampling point, sampling time (accurate to the second), detection result (sampled).If the result is out, it shows "negative" and so on.

Method 2:

Query through "My Yangzhou APP"

"My Yangzhou APP" - nucleic acid sampling code - nucleic acid sampling results show "ID card number, name, sampling point, sampling time - accurate to the minute - test results (testing)".

In addition, how can the elderly, children, and special people without smartphones check the nucleic acid test results? There are also two ways -

Method one

WeChat search for "nucleic acid testing" - open the [new crown virus nucleic acid / antibody test result query] page and log in to verify (prompt: it is to log in with the operator's own information)

Click "Help Check", enter the name and ID number of the elderly or children, and you can help them query with one click!


Alipay search for "nucleic acid results for the elderly and young to help check", select the Small Program of the General Office of the State Council to enter, enter the name and ID number of the elderly or children, and you can help them query with one click!

After the arrival of foreign (returning) personnel from the province, they should actively cooperate at the traffic station (airport, railway station, bus terminal). Free "on-the-ground inspection" (that is, check and go, no need to wait for the test results) 。 Personnel who come to (return) by car should take the initiative to conduct nucleic acid testing as soon as possible after arriving in Yangyang.The city has set up a number of convenient nucleic acid sampling points at traffic intersections and communities to provide free nucleic acid testing services for the masses.