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The first few of the WeChat movement, please delete each other!

2022-09-16 06:30:27


"The first few of the WeChat movement please delete each other" rushed to the hot search, when I saw this article, I also paused, what do you mean? Only after the reaction, these days are not at home do not go out, why will you take so many steps?

After seeing the reply of the netizen, I smiled, "Can't you allow people to have a treadmill at home?" "Can't you just allow people to have a villa and walk around the house?" There is also a netizen, WeChat ranked first is his uncle, the result of the netizen came to a sentence "go cut a hair!" ”

But play back to play, laugh back to laugh, from the comments of netizens can be seen, most people still attach great importance to this matter.In this special period, we still obediently stay at home, although we can only move in the room, living room, kitchen, toilet, although we can only play with mobile phones and watch TV.It's also good to be with your family and chat.