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Xiao Jing, Chief Scientist of Ping An: Ping An is in the demand-driven digital stage, realizing the "three mentions and two drops" of financial business

2022-09-16 06:30:06


On May 10th, the Closed Door Seminar on Wealth Management Development Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, co-sponsored by Southern Finance & Economics All Media Group, Guangdong Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Research Institute, 21st Century Business Herald and Hong Kong Investment Promotion Agency, was held in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen via offline online video.Wealth management experts from the three places shared how to view the application status and future development trend of fintech in the wealth management industry in the context of new opportunities in the new era.



In the digital transformation of financial institutions and wealth management, ABCD (AI (artificial intelligence), BlockChain (blockchain), Cloud (cloud) and Data (big data)) have been widely used.Xiao Jing said that B and C are infrastructure and infrastructure, and A and D are technical means and tools that can make financial institutions' businesses better digital, better accurate decision-making and accurate analysis.

Among them, Ping An Group, as a fully licensed financial group, includes three strategic directions of integrated finance, medical health and technology empowerment.Ping An Group has established a three-level technical system, the first level is to build a common underlying platform at the group level, including data platform and basic platform.Build a variety of A and D technology platforms on the B and C infrastructure so that business teams can use them conveniently and efficiently.This part is to do the technical capabilities so that all business companies can realize digital construction on the platform.

The second level of the system is to empower business companies and realize industrial digitalization.The process of industrial digitalization has also gone through three stages, namely informatization, automation, digitalization or intelligence.Ping An Group's informatization began very early, in 1998 online to provide customers with service and sales, in 2008 the establishment of technology companies, all the support service platforms in the group technology to achieve.In the automation phase, many business processes can be automated operations, automated management, and made jobs very efficient.At present, Ping An Group has entered the third stage, that is, the demand-driven digital stage, which is to empower the business through digital means, combine our technical capabilities and business capabilities to achieve scenario-based business solutions, which can truly help our fully licensed financial business to reflect the "three mentions and two drops" (improve efficiency, improve effect, improve user experience, reduce risk, reduce costs), and truly realize business value.

"It's something very important that we've done in the last decade of our time since 2013.Xiao Jing said that Ping An Group has built a big data platform since 2012 and basically built it in 2013; At the end of 2014, some BASIC AI capacity building was started, and the construction was basically completed in 2017.At present, Ping An Group has fully implemented digital and intelligent solutions in all its businesses, including banking, insurance, investment, asset management, and securities."We also face a lot of challenges, such as covid-19... In the future, in terms of industrial digitalization, technology will become more and more important, which is an important task for us to maintain the development of the company in the face of such a huge challenge.”

The third-level system is based on the mature digital solutions precipitated in the above-mentioned industrial digitization process, creating a market-oriented standardized product system, and providing digital services for the majority of enterprises and institutions in the market through companies such as Financial One Account, so as to achieve digital industrialization.

In the field of wealth management, Xiao Jing mentioned that Ping An Asset Management has used artificial intelligence, big data and information technology to create a bond ecological integration platform.With this platform, we empower investment businesses, provide decision-making perspectives and tools, and improve the efficiency and success rate of decision-making.

He concluded that Ping An provides a complete set of solutions in the field of asset management and bond management, including helping its own business development, and also helping enterprises in the market to improve their financing capabilities and reduce financing risks.There are many applications like this, including risk management, marketing, operation, operation, operation, and service.

For example, the number of Ping An agents has declined considerably in recent years.Telephone customer service is realized by a large number of robots, and the machine answers the phone more than 2 million times a day, which not only improves efficiency and cost reduction, but also has a very good experience.He said, "The machine answers the question without losing a temper and having a bad attitude."This is important because the demographic dividend is now fading and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a large number of agents who maintain high-quality telephone service for a long time.”

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