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Gu Hua's Past Four: The Farm's Farm Under the Rail Overpass (1)

2022-09-16 06:29:41

Not to mention, inside the farm, the small vegetable garden that is integrated with the beautiful environment at the foot of the mountain is never watered with fertilizer and never sprayed with pesticides, the free-range chickens that are freely scattered from morning to night next to the vegetable garden, the freshwater fish that never feed feed only wild grasses or mushroom algae produced in the fish pond, and the cashew orchard should be in line with the laws of nature

"Teacher Li, my mother is going to open a farm.One day, Gu Hua excitedly told Li Fang.




A beautiful picture of mountains and rivers unfolded in her mind: a small hill with low lines and soft lines rolled in the distance, and standing at the foot of the mountain, of course, could not see its full picture.From a distance, the slopes of the hillside are scattered with different shades of green, but the nature is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.No matter what the season, dark green and light green show vigorous vitality, attracting people living in towns, they can not control to approach them, walk in, go deep into their hinterland, stretch their arms, spit out the old, embrace the most primitive, the most simple primary color of life, integrate with the mountains and forests, feel the rhythm of life, feel the beauty of life.

The evergreen trees of the southern country stand on the slopes of the mountain, like arms, straight and strong, trying to stretch their branches to the sky; The shrubs are in groups of three or five, always rising above the dense grass, sticking out strong branches to show flexibility and strength.

Down the hill, a row of white-walled, black-tiled bungalows existed inconspicuously, ivy was flat and neatly paved with the outer walls and eaves of the houses, and the whole houses were integrated into the mountains, and if you did not look closely, you would never know that there would be houses here.A pond about half an acre in front of the house reflects the blue sky and white clouds of green mountains, and a fine sand gravel path about one meter wide extends from the side of the house, bypassing the pond and winding towards the top of the mountain.The trail was unusually clean, and apart from the occasional few scraps of grass, there was not a single scrap of paper or white trash.The road surface is slightly wet, and the more you go up the hill, the denser the weeds on the roadside.However, traces of artificial care are also revealed: every 3 meters there is a pruned thyme, and the off-white thumb nail lid-sized flowers bloom extremely lively, covering the entire sphere.In the middle of each of the two thyme trees, a large red flower was planted, which was also trimmed into a spherical shape, and the large red flower as bright as fire bloomed the most brilliant smile to greet everyone who passed by it.

Li Fang imagined herself strolling with three or five confidants, dark green thyme, small white flowers, pale green big red flowers, fiery red flowers, jumping into the eye, bursts of fragrance straight to the end of the nose, refreshing the spleen.










"But I don't know."Gu Hua's soaring arrogance was like a balloon full of air being pricked by an embroidery needle, and unconsciously leaked down, "My mother said that the farm has not been done well, and it has not taken me yet."But she said it was under the city rail overpass.”