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One Minute Quit Method - I used it to say goodbye to smoking addiction once and for all

2022-09-16 06:27:11

Smoking cessation method one: one-minute patience method of smoking people know that the addiction is up, if not smoked, will be short of breath, will be irritable, that is because the nicotine in the body has lost its balance and needs to be replenished.


Let's start with some nonsense and extend the amount of time you're going to reach out to your cigarette case:

I heard that if you want to write a popular article, the main thing is that what you write must be useful to the reader, and everyone will buy it.However, after thinking about it for a long time, I still feel that I have only neglected to learn, and I cannot teach any profound knowledge to everyone.However, there are some life experiences that I have really achieved "not to be confused", because they have all experienced themselves, and they have not experienced any experience.


To get to the point:

Most men are good at smoking, and most women hate it is also natural for men to smoke, so as a senior smoker to talk about the psychological process of quitting smoking or a little useful to friends, because everyone is around without smokers and friends.

Let's start with my smoking history:

1, genetics: I don't know if smoking will be inherited, but I know that I have a family history of smoking.Grandpa's grandpa I don't know if he smoked, but I knew my grandpa smoked and smoked violently.

According to my mother's recollection, grandpa also wanted a cigarette before he died, usually the more severe the cough, the more you have to use a cigarette to "pass through", and the trachea is suffocating as long as the smoke is imported, it will be smooth and comfortable immediately.

Father is also a smoker, and can smoke two boxes a day, although there is no "fire" rumored in the jianghu (a match in the morning to light a cigarette, will no longer need matches, smoke, life and breath of fireworks do not extinguish, until sleep to extinguish the smoke) powerful, but also called the ashes level smokers.My mother mobilized her family to supervise my father's quitting smoking, each time failing.

2, my smoking history: from memory to witness my father smoking, for my father to go to the commissary to buy cigarettes and for my mother to buy soy sauce is the happiest thing for many children, because at the same time you can buy a candy as a reward.


When I was in junior high school, one of my classmates had decent conditions, so she would often bring a box of large front doors from home to distribute to male students, and everyone would get together and cough and learn to spit out smoke rings.

Fifteen or sixteen years old contact with tobacco, a smoking is more than twenty years, until a reception of merchants from Beijing, I also took the best cigarette to entertain people, people a line of five people do not smoke, and let smoke this way of hospitality is quite dismissive, the whole reception process I endured the addiction, pain, so I made up my mind to quit smoking one by one!

Smoking Cessation Method 1: One Minute Patience Method