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100 days a day – the first goal is completed

2022-09-16 06:27:01


After posting the article today, open the message to remind you to see, ah, it is more than 100 days! This is my first goal in Jane Book, which has been achieved!

The image is from the Jianshu App

From March 5th, I entered The Book of Letters, and because I didn't know if I could stick to it, I participated in the Nichiren Challenge.In order to motivate myself to persevere, I also set two primary goals: to insist on 100 days a day and write 100,000 words.Today, the goal of 100 days and days has been completed.


I remember the first days, every day from the morning to wake up to think about "what to write today", because the day is busy, and can not calm down, so until the evening to post, some tired.Later, I slowly changed my writing habits, and tried to get up early to write and post, so that I felt very relaxed throughout the day, and I still had time to grasp some small ideas during the day and write a few drafts to keep.The number of words sent has slowly grown from a few thousand to ten thousand, twenty thousand... The word count is now more than 70,000, which is still a lot away from 100,000 words, and we still have to work hard.